Imperial German WW1 tank badge (Panzer or tank abzeichen) by Paul Meybauer of Berlin. 900 Solid silver with maker stamp logo and correct coke bottle period pin. Ultra rare


Condition report: (2+) Excellent

WW1 tank badge

  • The Tank Memorial Badge was a military decoration of the Weimar Republic awarded to former tank crewmen who fought in World War I.

    The Tank Badge was instituted by the Minister of Defence Otto Gessler on 13 Jul 1921 and laid down in the Heeres-Verordnungsblatt Nr. 41 of 15 July 1921. It was to be issued to veterans of World War I who qualified by: being a tank crewman (commander, driver, gunner, loader, mechanic, signaller or messenger) of a tank; either an A7V or a Beutepanzer (captured tank), and either participated in three armoured assaults or being wounded during an armoured assault.

    Potential recipients had to apply to the Inspectorate of Motorised Troops to receive a certificate; the actual badge had to be obtained privately. Because of this unusual method of application, the badge was officially certified in only 99 cases.

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