NSDAP Party membership badge - 18mm 1921 version by Steinhauer & Lück of Lüdenscheid


Condition report: (2) Good with signs of wear and patination


NSDAP 18mm circa 1921

  • NSDAP Party membership badge, early (Pre RZM & Ges Gesch) 18mm 1921 version offered for sale. Manufactured in bronze with red, white and black enamel. The red enamel typically translucent over a stippled base. Reverse with ‘O' designation indicating Steinhauer U. Lück of Lüdenscheid.

    Note: Party badges without the RZM or Ges. Gesch. designation were typically manufactured at beginning of the 1920s. Typically from the so-called 'Kampfzeit' period.

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