Honour Badge of the Technical Emergency Service - dated 1922


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Honour Badge of the TENO

  • The Technical Emergency Service (TeNo) was devised and organised by the Weimar government and established on 30th September 1919. It comprised of volunteer technicians and tradesmen who were to be employed to deal with strike emergencies, or the event of a general strike that might threaten Germany in this troubling period. With Hitler's rise to power it became more integrated with the Nazi political troops. It evolved into a large emergency force and in the end, it virtually became a part of the SS acting in the capacity of engineer units.

    On 2nd April 1935 the Honour Badge of the Technical Emergency Service, (Ehrenzeichen der Technischen Nothilfe) was instituted and were to be presented to those members who had joined the TeNo between 1919 and 1923, both dates to be inclusive, and who had significantly contributed to the organisation and its aims. The total number awarded is presumed to be very small.

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