Nun Erst Recht 1st type 1923-1925 


Condition report: (2+) Excellent

Nun Erst Recht

  • After the disastrous 1923 Putsch on the 9th November the NSDAP was outlawed and any party insignia was banned. As such, the NSDAP created a differing party badge with the slogan 'NUN ERST RECHT' (Now More Than Ever). The fact was, the NSDAP had found a loophole in the new laws. The Swastika itself wasn't forbidden, and as long as the badge didn't have the name of the Party, it could be carried publicly. The badge was carried between 1923 and 1925 and is believed to have been worn by some members during the period of the 'Kampzeit'.

    NSDAP 'NUN ERST RECHT' badge offered for sale. Manufactured in silver metal with red/white and black enamel, the red enamel typically translucent over a pebble base, and with the designation, 'NUN ERST RECHT'. Reverse with 'Ges Gesch' in relief and horizontal brooch pin. Diameter 23mm.

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