23mm NSDAP membership badge by Alfred Stübe Berlin - Waidmannslust (M1/127)


Condition Report: (1-) near mint with almost all of the original silver wash remaining



NSDAP Member badge 23mm

  • NSDAP Party Membership badge, scarce early 23mm version. Manufactured in bronze with red, white and black enamel. The red enamel typically translucent over a stipple base. Reverse with 'Ges Gesch' designation. 

    The National Socialist German Workers' Party or Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei abbreviated NSDAP, commonly referred to in English as the Nazi Party was a right-wing political party in Germany that was active between 1920 and 1945. The NSDAP created and supported the ideology of National Socialism. Its precursor, the German Workers' Party or Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; DAP, existed from 1919 to 1920.

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