Hitlerjugend (HJ) wir fliegen Norderney 1934 - by Paulmann und Crone of Lüdenscheid - Scarce


Condition report: (2-) Good with signs of patination

Hitler Youth Norderney

  • This is a rare pre-1937 Hitler Youth flying badge. The badge shows a swastika on a winged propeller and reads WIR FLIEGEN (We fly). This badge was modelled on a "day badge” of an early (1934) DJ HJ event that took place in Norderney, an island off the North Sea Coast of Germany.

    The "Hitler Youth" was initially an organization formed to be the Nazi Party version of the Boy Scouts, and eventually to ready children to be a part of the German Military as they became young adults. As WWII dragged on, HJ members were indoctrinated into the military even before turning 18.

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