Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge in iron class + original paper wrapper.


Condition report: (1-) near mint


HJ proficiency iron

  • Hitler Youth Proficiency Badge (Leistungsabzeichen der Hitlerjugend), Iron (Black) Class.
    This class could be awarded to DJ and HJ members, and was restricted to boys of fifteen years old. After 26th September 1935 with the introduction of the German Youth Proficiency Badge, the DJ members were no longer eligible and took a qualifying test for their own badge.
    This badge is in outstanding condition. Die-struck alloy award is in the form of a Tyr-rune with a circle superimposed to it, upon which is embossed, in runic script, "Für Leistungen In der H.J." (For proficiency in the HJ), encompassing a mobile swastika. Marked with an RZM logo with dual circular borders and embossed manufacturers code, "M1/34" indicating manufacture by Karl Wurster & stamped "B". Retains almost all it's original blacking. Rare in this outstanding condition.

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