Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend) DAF Gausieger level 1944 national trade competition badge. (Scarce)


Condition report: (2+) Excellent

HJ Gausieger 1944

  • The badge features a single piece, toned silver, die struck zinc construction Gau level badge with multi-coloured painted emblem. The medal is in the form of a 40mm diameter, circular base. Wreath encompasses a cream painted central field with script and date, “Gausieger 1944”, (Regional Victory 1944). Central cream field is surmounted with a silver washed political style eagle with outstretched wings, clutching a DAF style cogged wheel with an enamelled HJ diamond superimposed on top. The HJ diamond is the standard type with painted red to top and bottom tips with white painted areas to each side with central black painted swastika. Solid concave reverse with a solid soldered hinge, broad vertical pin and heavy soldered catch all intact. Reverse is well marked with embossed manufacturers name and location, “G. Brehmer Markneukirchen”. Late war badges and medals were often of much lower quality than earlier, due to cost and how the war was going for the 3rd Reich.

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