Gau – Ehrenzeichen Baden in gold. Gilded tombak construction. Rare in museum quality


Condition report: (1-) Near mint

Gau Baden award - gold

  • This badge of honour was instituted in 1933 by the Gauleiter of Baden, Robert Wagner to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NSDAP in Baden. There were two awards in gold and silver. The gold award was awarded to party members who were members of the NSDAP before November 9, 1923. It was awarded in silver to party members who were accepted into the party before October 27, 1927. The reason for the determination of the date was the state elections in Baden, in which the NSDAP posted large votes and subsequently the party's admission figures also increased.
    Robert Wagner was already involved in the Hitler coup in 1923 and was sentenced to 1 year and 3 months in prison, which was then converted into 4 years of probation. He was instrumental in building the NSDAP in Baden and founded the Gau Baden in 1925. He also transferred the Schlageterbund back to the SA. In the Schlageterbund, he collected the members of the meanwhile banned SA and NSDAP. After the National Socialists seized power, he became Reich Governor and Gauleiter for Baden on May 5, 1933. He became chief of civil administration in Alsace after the occupation of France. Wagner was instrumental in the deportation of the Jews in Alsace, Lorraine, Baden and the Palatinate. In 1946 he was sentenced to death and executed.

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