A BDM (Bund Deutscher Mädel) proficiency clasp in bronze by Ferdinand Hoffstätter of Bonn


Condition report: (2-) Good with signs of patination

BDM proficiency in bronze

  • A Bund Deutscher Mädel Leistungsabzeichen in Bronze. Awarded to girls of the BDM between the ages of 14 and 21 for successfully passing tests in first aid, nursing, home-crafts, athletics, and political ideology, during a 12-month period. The bronze was awarded for maintaining Leistungsbüch I and II while the silver was for Leistungsbüch III, there was no gold variation. It is constructed out of a die stamped tombak base that covers a rayon ribbon. The obverse features a bordered “BDM” above a red white and red rayon ribbon. The reverse is stamped RZM M1/15 for manufacturer Ferdinand Hoffstätter of Bonn and has the award number of “23629”. It has a horizontally soldered on pin assembly that remains in excellent working condition.

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