Arbeiter Samariter-Bund membership badge 30mm


Condition report: (2+) Excellent

Arbeiter Samariter-Bund


In 1909, 11 Samaritan workers columns joined forces to form the Workers' Samaritan League at a founding meeting in Magdeburg. The first seat of the federation was Berlin. In 1923, two chemist Samaritans, Theodor Kretzschmar and Eugen Richter, were elected as Federal Councillor and Federal Treasurer of the ASB. This meant the relocation of the ASB's headquarters to Chemnitz. In Hershen the ASB operated a recreation centre during this period. In 1933 about 48,000 members of the ASB were active.

After the rise Adolf Hitler, the ASB was placed under National Socialist leadership.

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