NSDAP Traditions Gau Abzeichen Danzig Westpreußen - Ultra rare 1st model by Weissman of Danzig


Condition report: (2+) Excellent

Alter Kämpfer Gau badge


The GAU badges were political awards, that were issued by the Gauleiters of the Nazi political districts for a variety of achievements. Each GAU district or region had their own specific badge.

Alter Kämpfer (German for "Old Fighter") is a term referring to the earliest members of the Nazi Party, those who joined it before the Reichstag 1930 German federal election. As the party's "Old Guard" and of proven dedication to the movement during its so-called "Period of Struggle" (Kampfzeit) in 1925–1933, they were distinguished from the tide of new members who joined in 1933 and later for opportunistic reasons.

Nazi propaganda glorified them as a small handful of fighters against almost impossible odds.

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